How the Eau de Gemme bottle works


The healing vibrations of gemstones have been observed throughout time. Philosophers in the first century would heal people by exposing them to specific crystals that would rid them of mental unease and free them of physical discomfort. The Bodhi Lotus has specially honed these old teachings and refined it in a modern way through our line of gemwater bottles, Eau de Gemme, which are convenient and very practical.

All healing gems and crystals are mined from the surface of the earth. They therefore contain Mother Earth’s very essence in the very fiber of their nature. Through the process of their formation, these gems have developed unique properties that can be witnessed not just in their outward form and color, but also in their very atomic make up. The variances in their structures is what gives a specific gemstone a property that is not shared by any other similarly coloured stone. Rose quartz, for instance will let you love yourself, boosting your self esteem and making you more confident in your workplace and relationships. You can also choose an energy blend that is meant to bring more focus into your life and help you achieve an important milestone you have been putting off for too long. When added to the water you drink, these gem blends have the power of purifying the water and elevating its energy levels. When you drink this water, you can instantly feel the rejuvenating effect it has on your mind and body. You immediately start to feel lighter and happier, and the gemstone blend will then begin to show its positive effects in your life.

 If you have prepared gemwater infusions at home before, you must be familiar with the difficulty associated with preparing the right mix of gems that has sufficient vigor to be felt even while you take a sip. As if that were not tough enough, there is the added complication of cleaning gemstones after every use just to make sure that the water remains clean at all times and that there is no leakage of any toxic chemicals into the water. Through the Eau de Gemme bottle, you can find the solution to these perplexing problems and get gemwater that is pure and potent. These gemwater bottles are simply stunning to look at and are a eco-friendly alternative to using toxic plastic water bottles.

 This bottle is prepared with a separate gem filled compartment at its base so that when you pour water into the bottle, the vibrations from the gem blend instantly begins to work on the water. The crystals are separately encased so that you do not have to wear them out through constant cleaning - they do not come in direct contact with the water, and the gem case can be removed whenever cleaning is required. Customers have enthused that they have immediately felt the transformational powers of the gemstones converting the ordinary drinking water into an elixir that truly works magic in their lives. We offer several blends that offer different methods of healing for your soul, so you can pick a bottle that contains a specific blend that you can use everyday.

 Since we strongly believe in the cause of nature and the necessity to protect it at all times, our bottles were meant to be a viable alternative to toxic plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles leach chemicals into water over a period of time, particularly when they are stored in a warehouse for long periods of time, or are placed in contact with direct sunlight over a prolonged period. Why expose your body to these harmful effects? Instead, try our reusable gemwater bottles that are beautiful to look at and easy to use. The gem enclosure contains the special blend of gems that you have requested for, which will bring the healing effect that you have always desired in your life. This enclosure magnifies the effect of the gemstone, reforming the water to become more flavorful and healthy. This has been verified by our independent testing and customer reviews. If you like to have more control about how the action of your gemstones, you can simply remove the bottom of the bottle so that the gemstones are no longer in contact with it, ready for substitution with a different blend.

 Bring the healing power of gemstone blends to your life. Try the difference for yourself by ordering a special gemstone blend today!