The Bodhi Lotus handmakes all their creations with intention. All the gemstones and crystals have been cleansed with South Beach Ocean Water. The handcrafted piece is then smudged and charged with crystals so it's ready to set an intention.

At The Bodhi Lotus we care about quality and authenticity of our handmade jewelry. The Bodhi Lotus only uses 100% Natural Natural Gemstones, and 316 Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver Bodhi Lotus Charm in their creations. The bracelets are made with durable Elastic Power cord for a sturdy well crafted durable bracelet. All purchases come ready for gifting in a beautiful Eco-friendly presentation.

Allow the positivity of gemstones to infuse your life and bring its healing touch to your soul. Through harnessing the power of gems, your soul can be soothed, and experience complete rejuvenation. All you need is a guide to point you in the right direction.

The Bodhi Lotus will enlighten your path on your spiritual journey to well being for your body and soul. This is made possible through our gemstone-based series of water bottles, Eau de Gemme, gemstone kits, sets and bracelets which are specially designed to allow selected blends of gemstones to come into contact with you. The end result is that these vibrations are transformed through the healing power of the gemstone blend, aligning its crystal properties so that good karma enters your life.

The healing power of gemstones has been known throughout history, going as far back as ancient civilizations which would use gems in powdered or whole form to keep the strength of people intact. This ancient wisdom has been handed down through the ages. 

You may have seen in your daily life how important harmony and balance can be to maintain peace in your relationships, career, etc. The Bodhi Lotus crafts these potent gemstone blends, kits, bracelets keeping the person who has ordered it in mind. In this way, our artisans channel positive energy and love into every gemstone blend that we prepare, allowing the universe to take control and restore to your life what it is truly missing, to make it whole again. The Bodhi Lotus seeks to bring the magic of crystals into your life so that it can work its special powers of restoration in every aspect of your world.


Why we do what we do

Crystals have found wide applications in science and industry in various machinery apart from the usual jewel trade. We seek to harness the power of the crystal and use it in the daily life of our patrons so that they can achieve their goals quickly and easily.

 We understand that there are several things today that science cannot explain. There are only theories and these are constantly changing based on what the latest report says. On the other hand, gemstones properties remain constant, and their effects have been verified by people from the first and 12th century as well. What we aim to do is to use this energy in a slow and effective manner so that our users feel the effects in their own lives. Since we have always wanted to give back to society, we decided to do that through this website. We want to recognize the abilities of others and spread joy and unity between everyone. That was why we began The Bodhi Lotus as a way to ease some of this pain that our customers face, through unique gemstone blends that they can just pop into their bottle.

We have personally observed the healing power of gemstones in our daily life. We encourage you to try for yourself and see the magic that gemstones can bring into your life. Just as you train your body and mind to prepare it for a long race ahead, you can use these gemstone combinations to prepare your soul for a particularly difficult time ahead.

We want you to be peaceful, happy and all your chakras to be harmoniously running. Let the journey to wellness being right here. These gemstones blends are bound to make your life easier through the unique set of properties that each brings to the table.