TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle
TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle
TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle
TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle
TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle

TIGER EYE Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle

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Tiger Eye Eau De Gemme Tiger Eye Protection Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Tiger Eye Water Bottle Tiger Eye Gem-Water Bottle Tiger Eye Elixir

EAU DE GEMME Gemstone Elixir Bottle, is a unique bottle that always one to prepare Gemstone Water or Gemstone Elixir. This bottle comes with a separate gem filled compartment at its base so that when you pour water into the bottle, the vibrations from the gem blend instantly begins to work on the water. The crystals are separately encased so that you:
**do not have to wear them out through constant cleaning
**they do not come in direct contact with the water,
** the gem case can be removed, giving a person freedom to insert the crystals of their choice or make the blends.

Feel the transformational powers of the gemstones converting the ordinary drinking water into an elixir that truly work intentions in their lives. We offer several blends that offer different methods of healing for your soul, so you can pick a bottle that contains a specific blend that you can use everyday.
The healing vibrations of gemstones have been observed through time immemorial. Eastern philosophers in the first century would heal people by exposing them to specific crystals that would rid them of mental unease and free them of physical discomfort, too. The Bodhi Lotus has specially honed this old wisdom and refined it in a modern way through our line of gemstone water bottles, Eau de Gemme,. A lot of research as been conducted reagrding the tramisttal of water or the vibration of crystals. In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, he certainly has applications outside of mere water purification. The human body itself is made up of 60% water. If we apply the principle of reshaping water through positive energy, it would mean that the body too would experience detoxification. These positive energies can be imposed through good thoughts, good words, prayer, or the power of gem blends that cast the right vibrations for water crystal formation. With more than 20 years of experience on crystal healing, Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel , co-authors of the book" Gem Water" explain their studies, research and findings on the use of gemstone water.

Gemstones can store energy. The Gem Blends from The Bodhi Lotus EAU DE GEMME are meditated over so that only positive thoughts and energies are cast into them for the benefit of the receiver. Once these gemstones are introduced to the Eau de Gemme Elixir Water Bottle, they transmit these positive energies to the water through vibrations. The water crystals are reshaped and purified to give the receiver all the benefits of spiritual healing. The EAU DE GEMME bottles are simply stunning to look at and are a eco-friendly alternative to using toxic plastic water bottles.

Each The Bodhi Lotus Eau de Gemme Elixir Bottle comes with the following included inside the Gift Box:
**2 Gemstone Pod Crystals, one for the Clear Quartz and Tiger Eye
**One Bag of Clear Quartz, The Master healer, for you to mix your gemstones with, for use by itself.
**One The Bodhi Lotus Eau De Gemme Neoprene Cover
**Care Card / Clear Quartz Gemstone Card
**Gemstone Card

Please read the following instructions carefully to Guarantee lifetime satisfaction of
“THE BODHI LOTUS Eau De Gemme” Bottle.

1. Eau De Gemme Bottle is made of highest grade borosilicate glass. Please handle it with the same care as you would handle a handmade glass-blown drinking bottle. Avoid hitting it with hard surfaces.
2. Eau De Gemme Bottle is NOT dishwasher-safe. Please wash by hand using warm running water; do not use harsh chemicals or cleansers. Make sure you wash and clean thoroughly before first use.
3. Do NOT expose The Eau De Gemme Bottle to extreme temperatures. Do not freeze, boil or microwave.
4. Please check your Eau De Gemme Bottle before every use to make sure it is free of any cracks or damages. If it has cracks, STOP USE. Bottles that have cracks are not safe to use and may cause injury.
5.Please be sure the caps are straight and the Bottle does not tilt.
6. KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL CHILDREN. Choking Hazard if swallowed. Get medical help immediately.
7) To add and remove the Crystals/ Gemstones, simply unscrew bottom cap of empty bottle and unplug glass bubble container from bottom cap and add the crystals you desire. Please make sure that you leave enough space for bubble glass container to plug back all the way into bottom cap. Do not over fill.

A major healing stone for any condition. It is composed of Silicon Dioxide. Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the aura. It deals with all ranges of the brain and body. It arouses, enhances and transmits vitality. A stone for reflection that attunes to spiritual purpose. It coordinates energies with more power, permits access to your soul guides. Gives you more clarity in intuition and mindfulness. Harmony is restored to your chakras when you use clear quartz in combination with any other gemstone. This gemstone is known for its powers of amplification, which is why it makes every gem it is placed in combination with that much stronger in effect. Quartz works with all the chakras allowing it to heal the body and mind holistically. Use quartz on its own or in a blend to siphon energy into your spirit.
*Number: 4
* Zodiac Sign: All
* Planet: Sun and Moon
Beneficial properties of Clear Quartz: enhances muscle testing, cleanses and enhances the organs and immune system, brings the body into balance, soothes burns, protects against radiation energy, multidimensional cellular memory healing, efficient receptor for programming; conducts Qi, it stores information.

Tiger Eye promotes : Luck, Protection & Health
Tiger Eye Number 4
Tiger Eye Planet Sun
Tiger Eye Chakra: Third Eye

Tiger Eye healing attributes and properties:
Asthma, mental and emotional balance, ying yang, beauty, bipolar, mental disorder, manic depressive, cleansing, courage, inner strength, fibromyalgia, honesty, general headache, happiness, good luck, pancreas, general protection, self confidence, throat, bronchial, lungs, strength, spirituality

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Please Note:
**All healing properties information listed has been collected from various sources. This information is offered for informational purposes only. They are not intended to treat medical conditions. The Bodhi Lotus does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

**The color displayed in the product picture is dependent on many different factors including the settings and resolution of your computer monitor. Color of the actual product may be slightly different. Please bare in mind that every gemstone bead has it's own characteristic. You will be receiving a gemstones that are identical or similar to the ones shown.